Ugo Contini Bonacossi | The Honey
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The Honey

Love for nature and passion for beekeeping.

Because of our innate love for nature and all of her multiple beneficent virtues, we protect our bees year in year out as well as the fields where we manage the hives – fields that are kilometres away from any polluting agent, where even vehicle use is limited to our arrival and departure.

We don’t use any sort of antiparasite or other medicine but only the same honey procured the previous year as well as meticulous care in the maintenance and cleaning of the hives and their frames at the point of swarming.

Our honey is extracted from the honeycomb by hand via a process of centrifuge before being filtered and left to mature for 40 days to ensure that any residue rises to the surface and is eliminated without the need to add sugars or other substances. The honey is then poured directly into jars without undergoing pasteurisation so as to avoid the elimination of important nutrients. The honey from our beekepping is 100% natural.